i 2 i – the music publisher of the Media Group RTL Germany

i 2 i music production and music publishing company ltd. located in Cologne, Germany, was founded in 1993.

As a service provider i 2 i coordinates the co-operation between broadcasters, suitable composers and arrangers of the desired musical style. i 2 i publishes music for film, television, radio and develops advertising music and sound designs. The company actively promotes the further usage of the music compositions.

One of i 2 i´s core responsibilities is to finance music projects and to take care of all administrative aspects (e.g. GEMA registration, royalties). In particular, i 2 i controls and evaluates the repertoire in Europe and North America via an international network of sub-publishers and represents the authors’ interests with respect to ordering customers and broadcasters.

i 2 i champions its repertoire’s subsequent exploitation with, among others, soundtrack releases accompanying the productions’ broadcast on the main digital platforms.

Furthermore, i 2 i’s back catalogue consisting of thousands of scores commissioned for TV productions within the last 20 years forms the basis for the Production Music Library FAR MUSIC. This collection of high quality tracks is primarily used by broadcasters, producers and editors within Media Group RTL Germany for TV productions and for marketing purposes. Incorporating repertoire of international partners FAR MUSIC is one important provider of music for the media group’s range of video content.

Under the name of copyright affairs i 2 i serves as full service provider of handling the reporting to collecting societies. Copyright affairs serves as link between collecting societies, authors, publishers as well as production firms and TV channels.

i 2 i is a member of GEMA, of the German association of music publishers (DMV) and of the federal association of the music industry (BVMI).

The Label has the labelcode (LC) 51182.

i 2 i is a company of the Media Group RTL Germany.

i 2 i Music Publishing
Picassoplatz 1
50679 Cologne